Divine Aphasia

Recipe for Impromptu Zombie Street Theater

April 2, 2008

Evan, Zaidee, Arielle, and Greer as zombies

On April Fool’s Day, some unknown individuals sent an email to every Hampshire student warning of an undead presence on campus. Inspired, some of my friends and I decided to perform some last-minute zombie street theater. We furnished eight or nine zombies with blood and the pallor of death for under $25.

Shopping List

Melanie, Zaidee, and I went to Target and to the supermarket after class. We acquired six big white t-shirts for $12, and some chocolate syrup, corn syrup, and red food coloring for about $3 each. Already on-hand were a bag of flour and some eye makeup.


We applied some shiny silver-grey eye makeup around our eyes for that sunken, hollow look. It was kind of slimy and Halloween-y, and you might do better with stuff that doesn’t have sparkles in it. Then we slapped some flour on our faces for pallor.


Melanie combined the syrups and dye in some proportion (I’ll ask her and update this) and produced some very gory-looking, and very tasty, fake blood. Meanwhile, all us potential zombies attacked our big white t-shirts with scissors and started hacking holes in them. We threw some protective cardboard on the carpet and started bloodying our t-shirts. We did a lot of handprints and bite marks. Since we were going to be hopelessly sticky anyway, we slapped some blood on our arms and faces, and occasionally our chests.


Shuffle and shamble, don’t run. Growl frequently. Shout “Brains!” occasionally if that’s your thing. Grab innocent bystanders.

Evan Silberman