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Friends’ websites

Fresh links

Tati has a new website!

Arielle drew a comic about Fire Emblem!

SG made a game-making tool!

Email me if you’re my friend and I can link to your website!


Some of my favorite books are about books. One might argue that all books are about books.

This inspired me to work on some scavenger hunt ideas, though that might be more of a writing exercise than anything else.

I’ve read a bunch of books recently about women’s art and the inability of men to accurately perceive it and I do not expect to tire of this subject matter.


I touch computers recreationally to make this website, and I've started messing around with OpenBSD for my recreational system administration needs. Consequently, this website is served by OpenBSD's httpd, if that's something you find interesting.

I even submitted a port patch that got accepted! Neat.

Databases are good, actually. More on this later.