Beat the second Neon Green level in Neon White, phew. Only got a little bit seasick doing it too. This is definitely the best Jewish video game I’ve played.


I’m kind of trying to change over to taking my SSRI in the evening but that means my routine is all off

Wow such a good day I didn’t even notice til just now I forgot my meds today!

Penda’s Fen was good and chili oil popcorn was good and beef with broccoli was good.

Good day!

“If you have any reason for not indulging a wish to speak to a fair woman, it is a bad plan to look long at her back: the wish to see what it screens becomes the stronger.” —GE, DD

I guess what I would say is that information about which notable figures are Jewish should be available only to Jews, and we should get updated print copies mailed to us every year.

On the one hand it feels suspicious that it is possible to find out on the third paragraph of anyone’s Wikipedia article that they are Jewish but on the other hand I constantly am after this information so it’s convenient for me personally.

Hm what to do today…probably should go experience the out-of-doors shouldn’t I

72°F, I’m hot

It’s a good thing I don’t believe my ailments are caused by my sins otherwise I would be wondering what I did to deserve this indigestion

Tummy hurt ><

I’m overcooked

ah yes love when the military jet flies by to demonstrate America’s air superiority to the adoring public and sets off car alarms


The saddest thing about me is that I will look at a hot model and be like “I wish I were hot”

Hyper bowl

Characters in XC3 openly discussing game mechanics in cutscenes

I guess the reason is most people find it easier to click on stuff than to write SQL queries.

Quite frequently I think to myself “why do we even have to write software, we can just let people connect to the database and do stuff with it”

I have to do some system administration this evening, kind of annoying

I continue to decline to obtain any information about monkeypox. I do not wish to know about monkeypox.

All Frogs Go To Heaven

Good tired?

I’m tired today!

It’s all on the same server lol

Hmm maybe I should move posts.html from this website to a different website just for slightly better compartmentalization but I’m not sure I care too much about that. I guess I could mirror it.

If you like repeating aloud things you hear people say I strongly endorse Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for that

If there’s one thing I genuinely like about work it’s figuring out why things are behaving the way they are. NB things, not people.

First couple hours of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are already promising and I’m obliged to concede that yes in fact it looks much better than 2 so far, at least in terms of the art and characters and British voice actors. Remains to be seen how many layers of combo I can do though.

I like garlic

For my next project to make my life better through programming I’ll figure out a way to regularly scrape some crossword puzzles into one place.

Oh no I can’t sleep and my brain is not doing me any good time to flip out! Or to try breathing I guess.

Sometimes I feel lost at sea

I beat a boss in Elden Ring! I just needed like a three month break.

I think there’s a difference between “creating work for an audience” and “doing stuff for attention”, even when the form of the activity is the same (posting, podcasting, performing (the three Ps)) and anyone who does the latter is almost guaranteed to be a menace to society.

You must never write “no pun intended”. If you intend the pun, just write the pun and don’t call further attention to it with a lie. If you do not intend the pun, rewrite to eliminate the pun.

Like for every compellingly fresh indie gem there’s approximately seven thousand games choosing four of the Seven Indie Ingredients

Honestly it’s kind of weird that there’s only like four kinds of indie game you can make.

Drinkin’ some coffee

Give me a heaping spoonful of words to wash away my sorrows we’ve got a long drive

lightless photographs

a comfortable nest of the torn paper heartbeats of the poem-eaters that feel more powerfully than me

Intoxicated by the boundless and dizzying array of book objects there are in the world

I kind of wish I hadn’t ordered Xenoblade 3 from the Maine-based retailer I inexplicably like to use bc now I won’t be able to play it this weekend but it’s good to delay gratification sometimes I guess.

btw everyone should read Middlemarch

Too many

I’m so sleepy happy weekend

Indo Mie

I think I need to get my last batch of fillings revised, they’re too pointy and my bite feels off

Big can’t sleep

I’m tired but brain is weird need calm quiet mind


Took a big nap and I’ve got the sniffles

My podcast feed slicing n dicing is very satisfying to me

Should I try going to sleep, my room is pretty hot

Not as hot today, actually kind of nice outside to me.

Oof big not sleepy right now…cold brew strikes again

It’s been a year since I watched Clueless, maybe I should watch Clueless

Hilda Hilda Hilda

While computers are basically bad, I still possess the capacity to feel satisfied by my ability to make my life slightly nicer by programming them to do what I want.

I’m telling Siri to post for me

Trying something

Breakfast is bagel, lunch also bagel

Ok that’s fixed. Anyway I woke up at 7:30 so I got myself out of bed and picked up bagels!!!!


Since it’s hot and I kind of slept in and being alone with my thoughts while I’m trying to go to sleep is horrible I spent the last while writing a program to split up the RSS feed for a Patreon podcast into a feed for each of the shows that comprise the feed and it worked and now I think I can work on going to sleep.

Actually I think my main problem overall is that I just think the same thoughts all the time and it’s a huge bummer

One of the main sources of discomfort in my life is awareness that both good and bad things exist simultaneously

Harmful Park

Having an uncomfortable allergy night tonight (hopefully, and not covid) but I am improving

Tati is home!

Despite my most fervent wishes, coffee will never be breakfast.

Please place me in a soft quiet area

I need a takeout moratorium

I read a book over the weekend but I’m not getting any bingo squares for it

Tati comes home tomorrow yayyyy

Anxious and slightly unhinged today, ready for my partner and household routine to come back.


11 years ago

Dreamt I was anxious about having trouble registering for classes at school and waking up I’m like yeah no shit you couldn’t register you graduated from college

I am nice and have nice friends

Pizza slice 🍕


I’m so good to love

Good day.

Love friendship.

I would never say I’m a “cinephile” but I think movies can be pretty good!

One of my new/redone fillings is sensitive, gonna give that a couple days to get better

I’m deep in the brain pile

I don’t think Columbo actually works for the police I think he’s a demon

Spock should be in every show

Daniel Deronda tugging quite vigorously on the ol’ heartstrings

Gonna go to the store and get some dinner and treats.

The latest developments at work portend an opportunity for some meaningful change. Hopefully we can follow through on it.

Somehow I am both numb and sore from the dentist at the same time

I may have understimulated the cat today

Cat what do you want

I accidentally stressed out my guts 🙁

You could maybe accuse me of being undiscriminating when I click the “like” button on Letterboxd for almost every movie I watch but idk “like” is not a very strong word, if I had a reasonably good time I click the heart. (This is “making up a guy to get mad at me” territory…)

I love my cute soft cat


Nobody makes me go to bed anyway

I’m home alone this week nobody can make me go to bed

I took a long(?) nap immediately after work and I genuinely do not know when I will be sleepy.

Everyone needs a database.

Famous local crackpot Goodspaceguy forgot to submit his photo and statement for the primaries, he must not favor his chances this year.

The SQLite edit() function is hot.

The main virtue of going on vacation is that it gives you something to come home from.

I’m going to stay home for a week.

This is the most I’ve wanted to be home in a long time and I pretty much always want to be at home

I’m on the ground, hooray


My flight is delayed, I haven’t even left for the airport yet but I’m still considering totally losing my shit over it

As usual, I’m hungry.

“Few friendly remarks are more annoying than the information that we are always seeming to do what we never mean to do.” —GE, DD

My agenda for the rest of the day is to eat some kalua pork and then go to the airport and fly home and honestly, not bad?

I have gotten a Coke

I’ve done some informative experiments and I should be able to post images soon.

Basically, I prefer to be at home.

I’m in the athleisure capital of the world

As is traditional for my vacations I am fervently wishing I were going home today but I am going home tomorrow

Coffee ☕️

I don’t think I’ve ever once gone on a trip where I didn’t wish I were home about halfway through it.

Waitin’ on some fish tacos

Lotta walking around the last couple days…time to Sit.

I already brushed my teeth but I am eating more gummy worms anyway

Wow I’m so tired

I like to be on vacation.

Old friend, good buildings, butterflies, sea creatures in jars, good day.

As long as I don’t sign in to Slack I’m being good.

Kind of ridiculous how much I want to know about work stuff while I’m on vacation but I’m staying strong. Today anyway.

Friendship and ocean worms ✨

I like being on vacation

I am at the beach.

San Diego scene report: huevos rancheros only $11.95

Gonna go sit on da beach

Mmmmm hotel

We landed! Hope I didn’t catch covid!

Being on a Boeing 737 has its own sort of comfort.

Well I’m on the plane. I’m not in the sky though.

Too bad I probably can’t post from the plane. Just pretend I’m posting stuff like “I’m on the plane,” “It’s loud on the plane,” or “Plane.”

Doop doop doop

Cannot say I’m happy to be at the airport but it’s got high ceilings and my last minute mask order came and also I have taken a benzo

At least the mysterious insurance claim Geico called me about definitely has nothing whatsoever to do with me.

I know “Genetically engineered pig hearts transplanted into dead people” is probably a headline bespeaking an impressive scientific milestone but it sure sounds menacing.

My phone lock screen is a picture of my partner and my partner’s lock screen is a picture of Cloud Strife.

Having all my posts on one long page probably makes it easy to tell that I think about the same stuff all the time.

Harmful Park

Honestly I would say work is going rather well and I’m looking forward to being away from it for several days.

I might knuckle down and write some code to allow me to read my friends’ tweets once a day or so without having to look at Twitter itself.

If you like my posts, you’ll love Tati’s Toasts!

There’s no plot quite like the incest plot though!

I’m frankly an extremely conservative Shakespeare fan.

Perl is fine.

Lotta posts.

I have made almost 350 posts!

All the pre-database posts just appended to the new posts, I love Pandoc.

Posting is now powered by slightly more code, but more importantly a SQLite database. Some tradeoffs with that but it will make it possible to provide a working RSS feed for my two friends who want that and make things a bit more robust for letting Tati also make some posts.

They did a land acknowledgment over the PA at the symphony last weekend and I was like “bro have you seen this building? You giving it back?”

I have the soul of a pedant so whenever I see something puffing up organic food I’m like “benzene is also organic is that good for you”

I’m squishy

Had fun entertaining myself in my own weird way (reading court decisions about contested title claims in Delaware, etc.) and have no regrets or anguish.

Looked at my Vanguard account’s performance and it was depressing so I’ll look at it again next year.

Not even sure how much I’ve slept, 4 or 5 hours? I should just shut my eyes again.

I’m awake quite early, probably back asleep again later but for now I’m trying to decide if I want to get out of here and pick up breakfast. The trouble being I might fall asleep on my bike or just think too hard to get myself to go out

Shakespeare is the best.

Ah yes, a repetitive intrusive thought is my favorite way to start the weekend

Wouldn’t buy life insurance but would absolutely sign up for a tontine

I’m just an excellent snoozer


Ugh it’s bedtime and I truly cannot stop thinking about work stuff! 😭

I know a lot of the reasons I can feel bad don’t make sense and I mostly do them to myself more or less on purpose but I still find it difficult to do something else instead. 😖

I possess an incredible number of ways to feel bad that don’t make any sense.

You can tell I need a vacation because I’m enjoying work too much.

The problem with Pepsi, as a product, is that it doesn’t taste exactly the same as Coke. Many other smaller cola makers are able to make a product that tastes more or less exactly like Coke. Pepsi would be more popular if it tasted like Coke and I don’t know why they don’t change it.

Because of a story I read a while ago I keep accidentally going to tunneling journal dot com when I mean to go to tumblr


When you work for a public institution, successfully spending money on something is like. The greatest achievement.

Earworm of the moment: Baby Bottle Pop jingle.

I love Flayn so much.

Making a game to be entertained by the software engineering parts of working on it and maybe secondarily the possibility of making a fun game.

The Three Houses DLC is so silly it’s very good, why is Constance wearing a chain harness thing. Why is Balthus wearing a codpiece. Why do two out of four basement kids have exposed bellybuttons

Listening to some Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

Back to work…some days I’m not super focused at work but as long as I still do some useful things throughout the day it’s okay!

Maybe next weekend I’ll do some work on my game. I have to start figuring out some sort of room/map/dungeon concept.

I had such a nice time this weekend and now I’m Tired!

Transfixed by a photo my sister took of me looking happy

Today we made chili oil and won tons and it was delicious and not very hard, I love eating.

I think we all need to do more introductions of our friends to one another via text and email and stuff and not rely on social media to introduce our friends to one another.

After essentially every Neon White level being no more than 70 seconds long it’s making me slightly grouchy that this final boss is so long. It’s not good for my propensity to get motion sick.

I think humans should never have learned anything about space

What’s my share in the world to come

Feel like people keep forgetting what comes after “embrace” and “extend”.

Joe Hisaishi concert was a wonderful experience, and also masks are mandatory at the symphony so that was nice.

I’ve eaten enough food in a 24hr period for like the first time in a week so I’m like “what is this feeling?!”

I’ve eaten enough food in a 24h

It really is quite nice outside

I’m having a nice time and the weather is very pleasant but I continue to be very tired

Rode bikes with sister to get bagels! ☺️🥯

Well, my sister asked to see my phone and she made a post, pretty classic stuff Magdalen.


Drinking lemon line nuun in the middle of the night to enhance my sense of well-being.

I really do hate when the first time I feel well all day long is around midnight.

Took most of the day off sick, drank a sprite, feeling better.

Being sickly and tired is so embarrassing

Wow I’m exhausted and my esophagus hurts and it makes me nauseous to stand up

Don’t care for any one of my health problems

It’s very annoying how bad I am at swallowing food

Sister visit soon ☺️

Congrats to all my friends posting on yet another new posting website today. I’m going to continue posting exclusively to my posting website.

Uh well my laptop screen just had its color temp flip around and stop responding to input then it started prompting me for my password for a bunch of things so time to reboot I guess.

C’mon chemicals / C’mon chemicals

Naps are such a mixed bag

I’m a sucker for products!

Oops took a danged after dinner nap, rarely an ideal move.

I had an extremely nice time getting sun at the lake and floating around in the lake

You are welcome to send me an email

Played video games too long and now I’m overtired and not calm and squirrelly

Toooooo much eyeball

Oops I did an eyeballs

Going down to the lake later, gonna try not to get heat stroke

Just chillin idk

Same shit, different sock

Big bike ride and I’m very tired now

I’m worn out in a good way

Good feeling: riding bike to a friend’s house I might previously have considered “kinda far away”. Hashtag ebike.

Woke up with a start at 5:30 and thought there was a nuclear explosion on the horizon. It was the sun, so, kind of.

Big bedtime

Ok gonna listen to early music and read instead of listening to a podcast and playing video game darts

I think I need to revamp the ol evening routine

Please give me a calmer soul

Please email me your posts

Neon White is a game about how Judaism is true and Christianity isn’t lol

The best restaurant in Seattle is Spice Waala.

Like emotionally.

I need to rebalance my fluids.

Too many food burger!

Half the time when I eat any food I’m like “ugh why did I do that”, I don’t know if this is a sign I should be eating less food or different food or what

Good night!

p u d d i n g c u p

Wow I’ve been posting on here for like a whole month!

I think I feel much freer to post weird nonsense on here vs on social media…who cares how many times I say pudding cup

Pudding cup

This is entertaining but frankly I don’t think Lt. Columbo really put a slam dunk case together in this one.

Columbo is me hassling my boss about a raise

A thing that’s really delightful about this is this small Jewish man playing a small Italian man just being a huge pain to a rich blond guy.

pudding cup

I’m doing it…I’m watching Columbo…

I’m gonna enjoy the heck out of some sunshine this week

I had a bad night due to my shingles booster but I feel a lot better now and at I’m proud of myself for not trying to push through it to work a full day.

Oh no thinking about outer space too much!

Going to have to reiterate that dude, Neon White

Dude, Neon White!

I’ve got a head full of energy thoughts!

Going to go outside again soon

I’m having a good time doing the things that I am doing.

Now in my game you can encounter a slime or a rat

The weather is about to finally turn into summer all at once and I’m very excited.

Fun With Monads

Fire Blemblem

Took a big spaghetti nap and now I’ve got spaghetti burps

I finally have tums and omeprazole again. Gotta chill out my ravaged esophagus.

Some ups and downs today and this week but basically I feel pretty rad!

Garlic bread

tfw you think you don’t have food for lunch but then you remember the frozen tamales you bought yesterday

Might try not taking a Benadryl tonight

At lunchtime today I hopped on my bike and rode out and got so many sweets

Basically George Eliot was a blogger

Sister 😊

I like going to the coops and Trader Joe’s but they don’t have medicine at those places

I smell bad but I program pretty good


Only want to work and sleep but there’s all this other time in the day

There are some truly ridiculous bosses in Bravely Default II

I have an identical replacement phone for my phone and it’s slightly surreal

I’ve needed to start a round of Prilosec for weeks but I haven’t gotten any and I am suffering.

To writers, writers seem to always write about writing, but as a reader who isn’t a writer it all seems to me to be more about reading.

Lotta naps in my life this week

I’m gonna take a nap

Talking to my boss often ends with us both getting really exercised about how many problems there are and how neither of us really knows what to do about the problems.

Can you get perfume that smells like sunscreen

Inside my head it’s just blinking 00:00 this morning

Thinking too hard about functional programming rn

I might have to start sleeping on my back, which is annoying, but not as annoying as how badly my hip has been hurting me while I’m trying to sleep.

Losing my little mind this morning because my debit card has been deactivated by the fraud detectors and everything is hecked up and it’s my only way to access money at all and I’ve been on hold with the credit union for 15 minutes already and my phone battery may die in the process.

I have to eventually make it so I can easily post pictures here. For now you’ll have to take my word for it that my cat is very cute and has many legs.

Thus I am playing fire emblem.

I’ll be honest I do not want to play most wholesome video games I want to be an anime child who does hundreds of murders

It is easier to cook steak than hamburgers.

A little kid was closely inspecting my bike where it was parked while I was drinking tea earlier, everyone loves my bike.

I love my bike so much…it’s so powerful.

The weather is unexpectedly gorgeous today and I’m gonna ride my dang bike later

Cannot brag hard enough about how excellent the code I wrote this week is. I’m sure I will be undone by hubris within months but for now I’m extremely pleased with myself.

I’ve been logging a lot of hours in Clubhouse Games before bed lately. Just running the zamboni over my brain.

Tati’s kitchen sink cookies

Have been seized by the muse of Programming at work this week and am doing some really excellent work, hopefully this lasts long enough for me to finish what I started, and then I can return to my usual responsibilities of shuffling emails around and obstructing progress.

A human life, I think, should be well rooted in some spot of a native land, where it may get the love of tender kinship for the face of earth, for the labors men go forth to, for the sounds and accents that haunt it, for whatever will give that early home a familiar unmistakable difference amid the future widening of knowledge: a spot where the definiteness of early memories may be inwrought with affection, and⁠—kindly acquaintance with all neighbors, even to the dogs and donkeys, may spread not by sentimental effort and reflection, but as a sweet habit of the blood. At five years old, mortals are not prepared to be citizens of the world, to be stimulated by abstract nouns, to soar above preference into impartiality; and that prejudice in favor of milk with which we blindly begin, is a type of the way body and soul must get nourished at least for a time. The best introduction to astronomy is to think of the nightly heavens as a little lot of stars belonging to one’s own homestead. —George Eliot, Daniel Deronda

Oh wow just realized this uppercase Q is insane

Good mood but no pep today.

Oops time to go to sleep!!!

I filed a good bug report yesterday!

Eyeball tired

Maybe I can just have a SQLite database of my posts directly in the web root and you could just download it to read my posts.

My apologies to my two feed-reading friends for the continuing lack of a feed. At some point I will go write more computer programs for the support of my posts page and probably incorporate SQLite or something but for now it remains very basic and the feed situation more work than I care to do.

I think I’m going to have to write myself some code to allow me to see my friends’ tweets without having to “go on twitter”

Oops I’ve gotten anxiety

On my OpenBSD laptop I don’t have any kind of battery indicator set up on my window manager and my main activity with it is compiling software so on most of the occasions I use it it ends with the power shutting off. It also doesn’t seem to resume from sleep properly.

I love meetings and emails.

I don’t think Patreon is really a “good” platform or company but I do think it’s a thing you can point to if you want to argue that “media companies” as such don’t generate a better or more popular or more sustainable “media product” than some popular people doing it themselves do. Which isn’t necessarily “good” either; I mean how many deranged journalists have premium substacks now. And not everyone can elicit a a make-a-living-sized audience without getting “a start” somewhere. I’m not sure what my point is, maybe I just have a certain incurable romance with the idea of “the internet” as a democratic platform.

Got a lot of sleep finally

Got some woes and some pains but Tati baked cookies so that helps.

ow :/

One of the redeeming qualities of work is that once you stop you aren’t doing it anymore.

One of my favorite work activities is sending long emails bringing up intractably complicated problems that offer no solutions and request no actions from others.

I want to go to an estuary

Waking up with my heart racing from energy dreams etc

Finished Mason & Dixon…I like novels.

I programmed the computer a little more. Now in my game it is possible to fight as many slimes as you want until you run away.

I’ve been taking Benadryl to get to sleep lately and while it does help it also seems to give me unusual dreams right before I wake up.

I might not get around to finishing my book today but I guess we’ll see what I do after dinner.

Dragging myself out of unrestful dreams to find it’s only 7:35

My weekends are honestly better than ever.


Today I programmed the computer using C and Haskell

I have recently realized that not only is not that hard to poach an egg, it’s a much easier way of soft-cooking an egg to put on rice or noodles than soft boiling because you don’t have to peel a hot egg

Not actually napping

Did some recreational programming and now it’s time to nap!

If the original disc was released in stereo it would’ve been in the first like two years of stereo LPs apparently, maybe it was.

The stereo production on this remaster sounds kinda stupid

NP: Gypsy original Broadway cast recording

bike bike bike


kouign amman good pastry

I hate to have to wait for five people’s slow coffee to get my fast coffee

Sleeping hard again

Or I will finish my book

Maybe I’ll get around this weekend to some of the recreational programming I wanted to do last weekend.

Except for the amount of dairy I ate today.

I feel better

Working late instead of making dinner for my family 😔

Dealing with absolute clown shoes nonsense at work today

There’s a big crane fly hanging out on the window shade next to my bed and I’m just going to pretend I haven’t seen it.

Go asleep

Chicken sleep

If you are reading this you should read Middlemarch.

Less than 100 pages left of Mason & Dixon, then I get to read Daniel Deronda!

Sleepy … …

Fried chicken

Didn’t check in on Twitter at all today just did one scrollback just now

I had some bad mood nights there for a while but they’ve been better lately

Listening to emotional guitar music

lol I’m friggin exhausted today why can I not sleep (drinks coffee after lunch, doesn’t eat enough dinner) why I ask you

Something called “monkeypox” is in the news and I haven’t looked into it but it sure does seem to be associated with some grim photographs of skin lesions

I had to make and eat a waffle at like 2am to get to sleep so I really don’t know what kind of a day I’m going to have today.

I want to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3 thanks

My website is real cute tbqh

Basically just hanging out listening to Tim Rogers say “this game owns, dude” every few minutes


Funny how like all kinds of posts have upset me over time but now I don’t remember them. It’s time for bed lol.

Lately I will like log into Twitter, read people’s posts, be upset about one for some reason, then immediately forget what it was that upset me but still be upset.

The best reason to have your own website is so you can just kinda stare at it.

I read the first chapter of Daniel Deronda and I’m stoked to read more of it.

Pretty pleased with my drop shadow situation on my page title…might do some animated rainbow business in this area at some point.

Sometimes I experience the most indescribable emotions over video games. Not from playing them but like…thinking about games that have not come out and I will not play when they do.

Doing myself a favor by not checking on my money every day lately

Oops having fun with making websites.

Doing CSS crimes

I have a couple of “projects” kicking around in my mind that I would like to start or return to on the computer but it’s very grey outside and imagining things is much easier than doing them today.

OK I’ve got a TLS certificate now for my website, now all my posts are encrypted on their way to you! Isn’t that a relief?

Haven’t got any gumption really today, I want to get it together to bake cookies as I’ve promised…maybe now that I’ve had lunch I’ll manage it.

Happy memorial day I plan to observe it by losing my entire little mind

Once again betrayed the cat by squirting foul-tasting juices into his gob

I was gonna touch the computer recreationally a bit this weekend but I haven’t gotten to that so far…maybe tomorrow, though I also have an obligation to bake some cookies tomorrow.

posts.html is 10 days old, p delightful.

Nobody in my family liked the book we read for our family book club so we had fun bagging on it for half an hour or so on facetime

Yesterday evening I watched a movie at a friend’s so tonight we are at home watching Tim Rogers play PlayStation games. Knocked off 50 pages of Mason & Dixon earlier.

I’ve got the coffee sleeps

I click the like button on almost every movie I watch on Letterboxd like yeah I liked that experience sure.


I think a funny joke is for a guy to introduce his wife as “my first wife”

On the one hand I’m a bit disappointed that the weather is not nicer on my long weekend but on the other hand it means I need not feel regret if I stay inside all day today.

This new title font doesn’t work very well for some of my web pages. I will have to make some case by case decisions

Have somewhat inadvertently stayed up rather late playing video game baseball

I mean I guess you can do mutual TLS or something and then just make up a protocol over TCP it doesn’t have to be SSH…I guess this is what inetd is for

Concept: mobile applications that act as a shell of sorts for presenting a menu-driven UI over an SSH connection

Any color you like as long as it’s Unix

We have to give the cat three bad flavor juices to treat his tummy hurts disease and he’s not thrilled.

When are we getting a Criterion edition of Clueless

There’s gonna come a time where the true scene leaders forget where they differ and get big picture

tired: http wired: ssh

Do you ever vacuum and then see the results and think “I should have done that sooner”

I have thought a little bit about giving people the ability to log in and like my posts but that would be a whole lot of work.

Plus I have to work out how to post pictures of my cat.

I’ve got a certain inclination to never do any work again on the tiny system (if you can even call it that) that generates these posts but having different styles of post could permit some cuteness.

Long weekend gonna go crazy (take multiple naps and do laundry)

I might need to invest in some better cache control headers for my CSS

wards against death

Got a new title font.

I would like a smartphone-shaped slab of aluminum upholstered in woven fabric

It’s Friday!

It rain

Making Mt Rushmore was a pretty crazy thing to do!

My hair isn’t pink anymore but it looked very cool when it was.

I think it’s pretty great how Nintendo fans will scrutinize the floor plans of buildings that Nintendo is building for the purposes of hyping themselves up about how many more developers they will hire.

My eyeballs 😳

Got some new books in the mail today. I love when this happens.

Should I post about computer stuff or not? Let me know in the comments!

Garbage smells terrible.

I just want to never have any problems

I’ve become more cranky rather than less so I’m retiring to my room to nurse my grievances.

Little crabby tonight but also full of pasta

Want to touch a kitten

I had a dream about shaving right before I woke up. Sheesh.

There is no such thing as “film acting”

Two and a half hour movies are such a horrible trend.

I have been slain by Robert Bresson’s The Trial of Joan of Arc. rip me


Use words carefully.

Eventually I will contrive a method to easily post pictures of my cat here.

Oh boy there’s a helicopter buzzing the neighborhood what’s going on today

I just thought to myself “is it Wednesday?” and then I recalled “no, it is Tuesday.”

The best reason to not read posts is to not become aware of things.

Hmmm I may have stayed up for no good reason.

Sometimes I just need enrichment activities instead of sitting around thinking.

Made the mistake of reading somebody else’s post and now I’m depressed. I should only read my own posts!


Love to see a CSV where the last column is newline-separated multivalued data, that’s normal.

I ordered a few books yesterday and today I’m like “where are my books”

I don’t have any meetings today and now I don’t know what to do with myself.

Good morning. It is Monday, May 23.

What I mean is I see no reason to put posts on Twitter anymore now that I can put them here.

While I enjoy reading my friends’ posts, seeing all my posts on one page like this is real pleasing.

I’ve had enough food, I do not require any more food at this time, or, hopefully, ever again.

I settled for a good hamburger.

With sand in it.

Like, tastes like kerosene 65% lean grade B well done terrible.

I am having an intense craving for a really terrible hamburger.

The past two weekends have been far more enjoyable than the median of the preceding 250 and I give all credit to the bike.

It’s nice outside and we are going to go ride bikes.

Maybe I’d be able to beat Lumines if gripping my Switch Lite for an hour wouldn’t make my hands completely fall asleep

I’m sleepy and I should go to sleep but I’m gonna hold out a little longer. I had a really nice day today.

Feed will not be updating, it didn’t work from my phone for whatever reason, and I’ve done enough typing on the actual computer for one weekend. Please enjoy my posts.

Potato 🥔

My feed doesn’t validate and I also don’t have a link to it on this page but it’s just called posts.atom so you can probably find it if you want to use it. I will probably not improve it. hth.

If all goes well, this should be my first post in my new atom feed.

I’m too full of potato

One thing I don’t think I used to know about cooking and now I think I do know is you have to use your brain.

Guess what, sunshine and exercise make me feel good.

There once was a lad from Nantucket
Whose corn was so ripe he could shuck it

Milk tea time and it’s sunny out I love Seattle xoxo🧋

I’m probably going to use Perl. Maybe I’ll do that tonight. Atom feed coming soon?

Emily Dickinson.

all support badly-conforming garbage feeds right?

I’ve had a second request for a feed, so I might go figure out what the easiest and least-compliant way to generate an RSS feed is. Feedreaders

Belatedly mad at the “every frame a painting” thing like no literally the frame is not a painting it’s something else!

Another Trader Joe’s product I endorse is the ginger thin cookies.

The classic conundrum: hungry, but bed warm.

Good morning!


My favorite protocol is SSH.

Post ghost 👻

I wonder if I could post a meme.

The Benadryl is working…I can breathe again…soon it will make me zzzzz

Really should’ve gotten more Zyrtec days ago I’m quite miserable right now

sniff sniff

Classic huge after-work nap

I’ve got the sniffles because I am out of Zyrtec.

The other night while I was desperately trying to fall asleep I created a scene for my wifi light bulbs called “Gronko”. I remember that autocorrect tried to call it something else and I deliberately went and fixed it to be “Gronko”. I do not know what I meant by “Gronko” and I don’t think it helped me fall asleep either.

How many posts on one page will be too many posts? 10,000?

The most dangerous part about working from home is how close my bed is to my desk.

Post toast…🔥🍞

I’m ready for the weekend. Friday, baby! Gonna unwind. Take some naps. Read a book. Who knows!

My friend who still uses a feed reader has asked me to support a feed and while I want to oblige that would involve more than a four line shell script, especially if I wanted to always be able to regenerate the feed from the page. It’d probably just end up being a divergent version of the content and that’d be fine, for my one subscriber, maybe.

Getting a haircut today!

I’m posting at work.

Welcome to the second day of posts.

This web page may eventually become a pretty comprehensive record of me losing my tiny mind in the middle of the night, that’d be something to see huh

I have been playing video games on Switch in bed before I go to sleep a lot lately. Clubhouse Games is very good for this, because it’s a lot of nice gentle experiences that are not too hard to win. I wish there were more than nine holes of the little top-down golf game!

I’m 62.7% done with my book!

We had some setbacks and will not be making Tater Daddies.

I can’t believe how many posts I’ve given away to other websites, many of them run by assholes. I’m excited to be posting here on my website.

I’ve been using this font for a lot of stuff and I’m pretty fond of it. Is it a good font for posts? I don’t know for sure. Let me know if you would like to see my posts in a different font.


A Trader Joe’s product I endorse is the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.

It’s really nice outside right now.

Gonna ride my bike to Trader Joe’s to buy chicken tenders.

If I ever write a post that’s more than one paragraph it’ll get confusing. It’d look like two posts!

The way I’ve set this up, if I ever do want to post on my computer instead of from my phone I just have to log into my server and type “post” and then type in a post. I’m still on my phone right now. I’m really entertained by how well this works, I’ve been wanting to be able to do this for ages.

Yeah that’s a good system.

Maybe I’ll just occasionally post what day it is. Today is May 19, 2022.

My sister wants me to add timestamps and I’m considering it. I couldn’t figure out how to do it automatically with the phone shortcut though. I’ll probably just do it with script it runs on my server if I decide to add it. TBD!

My main career goal is to be able to work 7 hour days four days a week. That’s more than enough time to get stuff done.

Arguably this is a tumblelog.

All aboard the Posts Express. Choo choo! 🚂

Emoji support confirmed 🐡

We’re gonna make Tater Daddies tonight.

Maybe I’ll figure out how to post pictures but most likely it’ll just be paragraphs of text in reverse chronological order with no metadata or permalinks or comments or likes or dates.

One could imagine adding some features to this system but I probably won’t.

I’ve made myself a button on my phone that lets me compose a post and have it appear on this web page. This will allow me to continue posting without spending as much time on certain other posting-centric websites and apps.