Evan Silberman

I am a person. This is my homepage. My email address is my first name at this domain.

You may be interested in reading my posts.

I enjoy reading books

I don’t keep track of every book I read and I don’t think I’ll start but I do fill out the annual book bingo my sister and her friend run.

I have some thoughts on cooking

Bake by weight. Touch your food. You can’t own too many prep bowls. Feed your friends. You should bake snickerdoodles. Only ever buy unsalted butter: you can always add salt but you can’t take it out.

I wrote a couple of story games at one point in my life

You know, like Dungeons & Dragons, but entirely different.

I wrote a game called Grace that is about being thirteen and having weird intimate moments with your friends. I wrote another game called roguish that is about crawling through, and dying in, dungeons of your own creation.

I touch computers

I touch computers for a living at University of Washington Information Technology. My history of touching computers for a wage is available.

Some other pages

In memoriam I.M. Pei. On ending gender. The albums of 2019. Deleted thread.