evan silberman’s homepage

This is my homepage.

The blog-looking thing that was at this URL before has been archived. As has my previous blog-looking thing.

“Divine aphasia” is a phrase from Lucky’s speech in Waiting for Godot.

I wrote a brief Jean-Paul Sartre/Justin Timberlake slashfic as a class assignment once. I know very little about Sartre and even less about Justin Timberlake.

I wrote a game called Grace that is about being thirteen and having weird intimate moments with your friends.

I wrote another game called roguish that is about crawling through, and dying in, dungeons of your own creation.

I work in a microbiology lab as a programmer, providing support to researchers studying the genome of HIV in search of AIDS vaccines and cures. I'm learning a lot.


The single most reliable way to reach me is by email: my first name at this domain.